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for R & D, Scale Up & Production to pharmaceutical and other industries.

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ISO Certified

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified R & D & Scale Up Laboratory

NSC Organics

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NSC Organics

NSC Organics Pvt Ltd is based in the pharmaceutical hub, Hyderabad, India and is in the business of manufacturing of organic chemicals and intermediates for R & D, scale up & production to pharmaceutical and other industries. Apart from a product list of over 1,000 products which we can supply from stock or at. short notice through synthesis on order we also support with custom synthesis and product development from multi grams for R & D to commercial levels.Our state of the art R & D lab and experienced technical team are well equipped to develop and synthesise complex organic chemicals and/or intermediates with full quality and documentation support.

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Product Categories

Acetophenones (30)

Anilines (23)

Benzaldehydes (31)

Benzoic Acids (30)

Benzonitriles (30)

Benzylamines (7)

Phenols (1)

Quinolines (29)

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Multiple reaction capabilities



A combined experience of over 100 years



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Reaction Capabilities

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